Who the heck is Mary Gajda?

You may have been sent to my blog through one page or another, or heard about me from Kellie’s Consignments and wondered who the heck I am.  If you didn’t have time to browse my website and look at the about me page….well let me introduce myself!

My name is Mary Gajda, nice to meet ya!mar

I live in Holt and for the past few years shared a photography business with my good friend and mentor Marvin, called Studio M.  But the truth was I was getting tired from a huge workload, and life in general was overwhelming… so I moved on from the studio, and planned a break from photography while I got my ducks in a row.

Things happened sooner than expected when someone akin to a fairy Godmother named Kellie came into my life and empowered me not to give up.  She helped me understand I could find a life work balance that I could manage.

I recently was able to start fresh in a cozy little space in the “downtown” (lower level) of Kellie’s Consignments.  While the lower level isn’t completed construction wise, it will be early 2017. But my studio space is open by appointment.

My photo genre is women.   I do photograph some little girls, young ladies and high school senior girls – but my PASSION is photographing women – both beauty and boudoir.   BOUDOIR you say?  Isn’t that when you take raunchy pics?    Not me friends. My boudoir is tasteful, classy and empowering.   Risque’?  Maybe a little.  Many of my clients show less skin than you see on social media like instagram.  In fact, some of my competition even finds me a bit of a prude.  That’s okay.  My work is about empowering women.  I want them to feel beautiful. And while I do photograph them in lingerie, I try not to put them in poses that would embarrass them or lose them their crown as Miss America :)-       Now onto the beauty –  I loved the old school glamour shots!  My images are just a modern take on them.

After all – who doesn’t love a pretty picture?

Here are some samples of my work – some back from my Studio M days (Yes, I want to give credit where credit is due!) and some of my more recent work.   I hope you like it!

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