Frequently asked questions

I get a lot of emails and wanted to share the most frequently asked questions in order to educate you and help you decide if a shoot with me is the right thing for you!

Are my boudoir pictures private? I see you post a lot on Facebook.

Your images are as private as you want them to be. I never post a boudoir image without your permission.  In fact, once you’ve collected your download images and assured me you’ve got them saved, I delete your images unless we’ve arranged for me to keep them. this protects both you and me!

Why are boudoir shoots so expensive?  

Boudoir is definitely a luxury item.  But consider that I have studio fees, taxes (30% comes off immediately!), hair and makeup artist, items I’ve purchased for your shoot, etc.  In fact, my profit is on the low side compared to most.  You’d be shocked at how much it costs to run a business – even a very small one.  Every shoot I do costs me money, I have to charge accordingly.

Why do you need a security deposit/retainer?

Because people cancel. And every time they cancel, I lose income that I had put into my monthly projection. And because I also have to tell a hair/makeup person that the income they had put in their projections isn’t coming.   Asking for a deposit helps ensure clients will show up.  Otherwise, not only do I lose what I projected from that day; but I’ve lost other potential income because I’ve told others I was booked that day.  Please consider that before you book a shoot – these shoots are my livelihood.   I pre plan and put a lot of time and effort into them that you may not be aware of.  This is why the deposit is non refundable.  When you cancel, if you choose a new date within a relatively short amount of time, I will not charge you another deposit. But the shoot should be rescheduled within 30 days.

I don’t want a boudoir shoot, but I do want something pretty for my significant other or just for myself. What are my alternatives?

I like to offer what I call a beauty shoot.  Which is a modern take on the glamour shots of the past.  I encourage you to get dressed up as possible and let me take it from there. I do love when you choose the option of having me bring in a hair/make up artist – as they really raise the level of the game!  I can also do boudoir style shoots in full coverage outfits like sequined gowns, body suits, etc.

How quickly will I get my images? Do you email them?

I pride myself on a fast turnaround.  You will usually get your downloads within a week via drop box.

What if I want to print them?

I give you a print release or you can order prints through me.  I can also get you a little black book of images for a fee.

I don’t know what to wear.

I will help you decide if what you have works, I’ll refer you to places that carry what you need, and I do have some limited items you may borrow.  I’m also located inside the lower level of the areas biggest consignment shop – the options are endless and the price is definitely right!

Can I bring a friend to my shoot?

Yes..but.  Keep in mind I need you to focus on my direction.  Often a friend is excited to participate but they may distract you ..and me.  I feel honestly is the best policy.  If you are super nervous or shy and bringing a friend will help, by all means, bring a friend. But I do ask that they not interject much while we are shooting in order to provide you the best service, distraction free.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Not after your shoot – but before.  In other words – lets schedule your shoot with enough time for you to comfortably pay for it.  You can make payments toward it as often as you want, so that one the date of your shoot when your balance is due, it will be nearly paid off.  Please keep in mind sessions are non refundable unless I have given you out of focus images or if I don’t show up.  (I would have to be very ill to do that, so don’t plan on me not showing up, lol)  I take credit card, pay pal and cash.  I will accept checks, but a returned check will result in a fee.

Just curious..why do you do things like boudoir photo shoots?

As someone whose self esteem was severely affected by people in my life at one time, I am able to use that experience to  find beauty in all souls.  It is my goal that you see that beauty in yourself. I want you to see you how others truly see you.  I want to empower you and make you feel like a model for a day.  I want you to know that you are worthy of celebrating yourself and that there is nothing wrong with feeling good, feeling beautiful and loving yourself.   Think about the power that gives a person!

To wrap things up, please enjoy some examples of my work…all real people who have given me permission to share their images.




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